Where are the Channel Islands?

The Channel Islands sit in the English Channel in the Bay of St. Malo, between mainland UK and France. Although part of the British Isles, they actually sit much closer to Europe than to the UK. This afford the Islands the luxury of a very pleasant climate, typically with longer daylight hours and warmer weather.

How do I get there?

Just a short one-hour flight from most UK airports, flying to Jersey and Guernsey couldn’t be simpler. The Islands are extremely well-served from the UK, with regular, reliable departures with scheduled flights. Our offers include departures from all of these airports and take advantage of our attractive rates packaged with car hire or transfers which more often than not are less expensive than driving to a Channel port and loading your vehicle onto a catamaran or ferry. If you can’t find the airport that suits you, give us a call and we’ll find it for you.

What happens once I arrive?

Getting around on Jersey and Guernsey is a dream, with an excellent local bus network which is fast, regular, clean and cheap. Buses are available at the airports for Island-wide destinations, and no hotel is ever far from a convenient stop. Alternatively, you can pre-arrange transfers for collection at the airport, and drop-off at the airport at the end of your trip. Car hire is also readily available and is an excellent way to see the Island at your leisure. The quiet roads and meandering routes make for some beautiful drives, along which you can stop en-route for lunch and walks and enjoy the views as you please. Cars can be collected at the airport, or delivered to your hotel for the full duration of your stay or simply for a day or two.

What language is spoken throughout the Channel Islands?

English is spoken on the Channel Islands. Jersey has its own native language, Jerriais – an old Norman language. Although you may not hear it spoken, it’s part of the island’s heritage. Similarly, Guernsey’s native language is Guernésiais, with its roots in Latin.

What currency is used in the Channel Islands?

Pound Sterling, just the same as the UK. You will not need to change money, and while the Channel Islands have their own mints and produce their own notes and coins, these are pounds and pence, and can be used once home. All major debit and credit cards are accepted and there are ATM machines across the islands.

Is there a time difference between the Channel Islands and the UK?

No, it’s the same as the UK. The Channel Islands follows Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and changes to British Summer Time at the same time as the UK.

Do I need a passport to visit the Channel Islands?

Passports are not required for travel between the UK and the Channel Islands. The airlines will require photographic identification, and this can be a driving licence, bus pass, work pass, or any photo ID which has been officially issued.

What financial protection is in place once my holiday is confirmed?

You are covered by our ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence no. 10008) which protects you and your party in the event of insolvency (please see ATOL certificate). Your ATOL certificate will be issued upon booking, and you should take a copy with you when you travel.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel Insurance is not obligatory for the Channel Islands, however it is strongly recommended that you have a policy to protect you in the event of any disruption to your break. This is not covered by your ATOL protection, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have something in place. Jersey and the UK have a reciprocal health agreement (RHA). Full details can be found here: https://www.gov.je/Health/Travelling/Pages/VisitingJersey.aspx For details on healthcare on Guernsey, please visit: https://gov.gg/article/152735/travelandhealth

Where can I find more information while I’m there?

Visitor centres are centrally situated in the heart of St. Helier in Jersey and St. Peter Port in Guernsey and have a wealth of information at your disposal.

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